Chinese, Japanese and Linear B

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If you run a linux distribution, we have written an input method (IME) that allows one to type Linear B. Inputting Linear B symbols is made analogously to that of chinese characters, i.e. you only type in the phonetic values and the text displayed consists of Linear B symbols. Hence, should you type wanaka, you will get the Linear B symbols corresponding to these three syllables.

The only program you need is ibus ibus, which you may have already installed if you use linux, given that it is one of the programs allowing you to type chinese characters. After you download these two files (1,2) to some folder of yours and from there you run

sudo ibus-table-createdb -n /usr/share/ibus-table/tables/linearb.db -s linearb.txt

sudo cp linearb.svg /usr/share/ibus-table/icons/

and you restart ibus with

ibus-daemon -drx

The guide for this input method was

Unfortunately, a respective input method for windows and/or mac is not yet implemented, but we do want to deal with such an effort in the future. For any information or comments, please contact us.